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Why do men make their nail grow long ?


Good Afternoon guys, Happy Monday guys, Happy New week guys !! Apart from you men who keep long nails argh!!

Over the weekend I was at a party and on our table was a man who had long nails on his left hand & his right hand he had normal short length nails.  He started doing the most like opening cans with his nails & digging his ear & using his nail as toothpick, I guess he was trying to show off, in his mind he probably thought he was cool but to be honest he looked like a hawk with claws.

I’m sorry but long nails on men to me ooo is disgusting, no exception at all, Come and beat me.

Ahhh I can’t stand it. What happens when a man now wants to …Never mind, the thought of it is very unpleasant.

They look gross,  I dunno what else to tell you. I don’t think there is anything that prompts my gag reflex more than a man with long nails. Its tops on my list. A man’s hands say so much about him!

If you are a male with long nails, please tell me your WHY???

Using nails as chopsticks, Jesus take the wheel!

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