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Check out what food i’ve been indulging in recently

I’m a foodie by nature, I love cooking food  I love eating food & I love trying out new food especially when im in a new country on holiday! Recent pictures of me can tell I love eating a bit too much, i need to hit the gym and shed some weight.

My job gives me the opportunity to work from home so I have a lot of free time cooking & experimenting.

Whenever I go to the supermarket to buy my ingredients hubby will be asking me why I need any of these things, but then those questions fly out when he tastes the end product.

Below are a few things I have tried to make or tasted for the first time, they are nothing spectacular but just thought I should share on my blog.

The other day I made a double sausage & beef shawarma. It was delicious, what I put in it to accompany the meat was cabbage, pepper, mayo, tomatoes & onions all wrapped in a flatbread. Its relatively easy, just cook your meat season to your satisfaction ad veg and sauce & wrap in your bread voila!



Something else i made was the Chicken & Veg Curry, hubby absolutely loved this and asked for more & more, but yet this was one of the meal ingredients i was shopping for and he was asking why I needed the ingredients lol Men!! I followed the recipe from Sisi Jemimah 

Chicken & Veg Curry with white rice and Berry blast 🙂


I wanted to make plantain & egg but a healthier option so I googled different recipes and stumbled across this plantain fritata by Matecook. I added sweet potato, sausage, plantain nd a whole bunch of veggies to the mix.  Here is my plantain & egg with orishirishi BAKED not FRIED

Plantain Frittata


This was actually a fluke. Banana bread… who doesn’t know how to make banana bread… Me until last week lol!

banana bread


Hubby bought this home from work a few days ago. It’s an Hausa sweet called Balewa. He said the last time he had it was about 15 years ago. I tried it and loved it. It reminded me of what we call ‘Rock candy’ in the UK. The sweets you get at the beach. Balewa is basically honey, almond, cardamom, sugar and milk all in one.



Saving the best to last is this drink i have discovered. Its milk from Tigernuts. What i do is blend Tigernuts, Dates & Ginger together to get a beautiful nutritious refreshing & aphrodisiac drink 😉

Tigernuts, Dates & Ginger


That’s it folks! I’ll update as i explore & cook more 🙂

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