From Bride To Wife, TNBO Experience

A year ago today Mr J asked me to be his wife

A year ago today Mr J asked me to be his wife. I’m reminiscing on the journey that got us to this point.


In a nutshell – He sighted me at a wedding in July 2016 in Lagos although i never saw him. He got my details from the celebrant’s brother and got in contact with me.

We spoke for a while but i wasn’t really interested, he forged on & told me he was going to marry me & i was going to be his wife. I came back to Nigeria in November for a cousins wedding. That would also be the first time hubby & I would see each other face to face after two months of talking on phone.

Everything clicked & he met my parents and made his intentions known to them. This time last year at a Chinese restaurant in Ikeja (one day before i was heading back to London), hubby went down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

Look at us now! God you’re awesome!



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