London To Lagos, TNBO Experience

Baba threw my 100 Naira back at me

Yesterday, I went to Mile 12 Market all by myself (round of applause for me plizzz) to buy chicken and some other things.  I was carrying a small amount of cash with me, just enough for the stuff I had to buy. When I was done, I was left with about N100

I came out of the market and started making my way home. I noticed I was being followed by one baba. I looked back and he was begging for any amount I had so he can eat.

I kept walking and ignored him for a bit, but he kept following me.  Since the baba was quite aged, I felt bad not responding to his request for help. I wanted to give him something, so I took out the last N100 I had and handed it over to him.

To my amazement, he looked at the N100 and asked if that’s all I had. I told him yes baba and walked away, he followed me and said it’s me they will give N100 to.

SHOCK!! At this point I was already getting annoyed and told the Baba to give me my N100 if he didn’t find it useful.

At that very instance, he threw the money back to me and walked away mumbling God knows what. I was shocked; I picked up my N100 prayed over myself & my money & went to buy Watermelon.

If he really was in need, even N20 would have been a blessing for him. After all they say beggars can’t be choosers, & I’m sure I’m not the only person that would give him money that day.  That baba was not a beggar O; he is a business man looking to hammer, unfortunately for him I was not the one!

Lagos, a paradise for Nigerian hustlers.

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