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Thejayeobas2017 Candy bar

A few months back I was ranting on about a candy bar vendor who wanted to use me to put down a deposit for land in Lekki (or so it seemed because the price she quoted was out of this world)

I thought about it one day,  how hard is it to actually do this thing, buy a few jars buy your candy and put on the table…… and I did just that.

The candy bar at our wedding was a hit; there was a queue of people lining up to serve themselves. Although the presentation wasn’t the best, it still served its purpose and guests enjoyed it. Compliments came in after the wedding and people mentioned the candy bar as being such a cool addition to the wedding during the after parry.

I saved myself over 150,000 Naira doing it myself. It’s such an easy thing to do and here’s how:

Candy – First thing first, decide what type of candy you want to serve. I had hard boiled sweets, bubble gum, jelly sweets, sugar laces, skittles, M&M’s and popcorn. I wanted to add Nigerian sweets like Tom tom, butter mint etc. but I totally forgot. My whole hand luggage was filled to the bream with candy and it came up to £20 in total


Jars – Next get your jars, I was opportuned to get mine online from amazon. It was dirt cheap, 12 jars for a bout £10. I’m sure I could have found cheaper if I really searched more


Candy Scoops – Make sure you purchase candy scoops, without them your guest will be touching all of the candy and that’s a disaster waiting to happen!! You don’t have to have a candy scoop for each item on the candy bar but you do need enough to go around. Must jar companies sell the scoops together so that saves you from looking for scoops everywhere

Favour Bags/Boxes – Don’t forget the favour bags/boxes for your guest to put their candy in. This is something you can get creative with, you can use organza bags as well, and guess what they are as low as 100 for $1

Decorate Your Table – Your Candy bar table should match the overall theme whether it’s a certain colour scheme or a theme with certain colours integrated into it. I didn’t have time for any serenre all I had was a table with a piece of gold shine shine cloth on it, a label saying Candy bar and the jars Fnito!

All in all I spent a grand total of £50 approx. N30, 000 and someone wants to charge me N200, 000 Darris God O!

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