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All my efforts kissing my teddy bear is now in vain


I feel kind of cheated, I’ve been practising and researching how I will kiss my groom on our wedding day and it appears all that time used to practise and research is now wasted. All my efforts kissing my teddy bear has now been in vain….. Poor teddy bear I really violated you.

Yesterday we went to visit the RCCG church we are using for our church service, we met with the Pastor and Ministers, as soon as I entered I realised that this was a spiri spiri RCCG.  The secretary handed us the order of service to familiarise ourselves with… As I was scanning through I noticed that kissing of the bride & groom and exchange of rings were not on the programme. They must have mistakenly omitted those parts out, how can my practises just waste like that? Nahhhh

I reluctantly asked the Madam Secretary  who handed us the paper where kissing & exchange of rings would come in, she pulled down her reading glasses and looked me eyeball to eyeball and said

We do not kiss here in Nigeria and we do not put on rings. The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) sees the Bible as a better marriage symbol for married couples than wedding rings We don’t wed with rings in any R.C.C.G parish

I told her that I attend RCCG and have been to many weddings in RCCG and I have seen couples kiss and exchange rings. She said that is in London this is Nigeria…. Maybe God of London is different to God of Nigeria.

My countenance changed and I don’t even know when I let out a loud sigh, she said if I’m not happy with their rules they will call off the wedding and I can go elsewhere where they glorify their flesh.


As if all that wasn’t bad enough to accept, she now mentioned that when we print our order of service, it cannot have our pre wedding photos on it if we are holding hands or if we are in any body contact. Instead we should use flower and ribbon design. She was telling us about a wedding they cancelled last month because the couple had an image of themselves pecking on the cover of the order of service.

She rounded up her torture by saying ‘Sister hope you know there is no need for flower girl & flower boy’……

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4 thoughts on “All my efforts kissing my teddy bear is now in vain

  1. Oh my gosh, what! I didn’t even know things were like this in RCCG. Come to think of it, I haven’t visited a RCCG wedding in Nigeria before! I must go and see one now o. No rings? No flower girl or boy? ‘We don’t kiss in Nigeria’ eh?

  2. Sigh on your behalf! Maybe you and your groom can do a ring exchange before/during the cake cutting/feeding part of you reception. Ask your MC or planner for suggestions on how to make it special. Or maybe you can come up with something yourself.

    p.s. The pastor made me and my husband kiss three times! Maybe our kiss was too timid for him. And this was in a conservative baptist church o.

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